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Vahan Berberian

Vahan grew up watching the great comedians on the "Ed Sullivan Show." Primarily wanting to be a writer, Vahan took a chance and joined an improv class to see what it was like from a performer's point of view. He found it to be an exciting experience, quickly discovering why comedians enjoy performing in front of an audience. Vahan says that improv is exhilarating like skydiving...only closer to the ground.

Favorite Game: Story Story Bye
Bob Curran

Bob's comedy career started 25 years ago when he performed stand up comedy at clubs throughout the country as he traveled with his job. Bob feels that improv is much more challenging and rewarding versus scripted comedy formats. Bob has tremendous respect for the talent and enthusiasm that his fellow BTB members bring to each performance.

Favorite Game: Pillars
Jack Dibeler

Jack cut his improv teeth when he attended his first improv comedy class at a community night school. Three years and six sessions later, he was completely smitten. Jack has the dubious honor of being the "guy who attended the wrong class" and stumbled upon Dan, who later became BTB's director. Jack is proud to add credence to the time-honored adage that not asking for directions will get you exactly where you want to go.

Favorite Games: Shift Left, Film Director
Lauren Burawski

Lauren's comedy career "officially" began when she retired her running shoes after seeing a Second City show, while in Chicago to run a marathon. Inspired by the ghosts of Second City's past, Lauren returned home to Delaware and joined Delaware Comedy Theatre North. Lauren also dabbles in stand-up comedy and sketch comedy, and is a graduate of the Philadelphia Comedy Academy at Helium Comedy Club.

Favorite Games: More Awesome, Visual Interpreter, Gibberish, Stunt Double
Brett Heller

Brett joined the group that became Better Than Bacon in late 2010 and performed for the first time in Spring of 2011. His love of improv is fueled by a lifelong dedication to ridiculousness and stupefaction.

Favorite Games: 
Arms Expert, Hey Waiter!, Misfit Toys
Lauren Henry

Lauren is no stranger to the stage. From being typecast as an old lady in many a high school drama production to playing sax in a 10-piece funk band, Lauren and the stage are old friends. Aside from being the only curly-haired brunette girl in the group, Lauren is Better Than Bacon's resident web-mistress, keeping the website up to date and looking very purple. 

Favorite Games: Alphabet, Arms Expert, Hello Down There, Dating Game
Gerry Kniezewski

Gerry started his improv education around the family dinner table with 9 people in attendance every night. After that gig fell apart, he enrolled in improv classes where he met several members of what is now Better Than Bacon. Gerry loves using improv as a creative outlet and a break from his day job in corporate America. He is happy to have his new gig with Better Than Bacon.

Favorite Game: Alphabet
Steve Murphy

Steve fell in love with improv when he lived in Toronto in the early ‘90s. While there, he studied with the famed Second City. Over the years Steve has been involved with a number of troupes as both an improviser and as a director. Steve is delighted to be with Better Than Bacon and is ecstatic that BTB’s rehearsal space 
is less than 150 feet from his front door.

Favorite Game: First Date
Susan Price

Susan comes to Better Than Bacon from an exhausting nursing career and the stand-up stage. In improv, she found her true self and married her muse – making people laugh. Susan adores chocolate and her Elvis-on-velvet collection.

Favorite Game: Shift Left
Dan Stabb

Dan is the director of Better Than Bacon. He previously performed with and coached Delaware Comedy Theatre North. He  had also performed with CUBED, a two-man improvisational duo that had performed across the country. Dan’s performance history spans over 25 years, including a several-year stint in professional wrestling as the evil managerial mastermind, Carlton P. Hightower.

Favorite Games: Blind Line, Interrogation, Pillars
Amy Hitchcock

Amy has found many uses for her improv skills interacting with children in her job as an environmental educator. Encouraged by the laughs at work, Amy enrolled in an improv comedy class in August 2007. She was hooked and has been taking classes and performing ever since. Amy is thrilled to be a piece of Better Than Bacon.

Favorite Game: Misfit Toys
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